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broadly speaking, i’m interested in machine learning and applying it to language.

here are some relevant research themes and associated questions:

lower-resourced + morphologically rich languages

❓ how can we learn representations that systematically capture morphology?
❓ can we inform cross-lingual transfer learning by linguistic relatedness?

representation learning & structured prediction

❓ can we replace/augment vectors with structured representations like lattices or graphs?
❓ how can we incorporate expert information into our representations in a controllable way?

bayesian methods and model comparison

❓ how do we really know that model a performed better than model b on some task/dataset?
❓ how can we add interpretable uncertainty estimates to our model evaluation?
❓ what is the population we are trying to generalize to when using e.g. shared tasks?

for an up-to-date list of publications, see my google scholar profile.

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